Thursday, December 22, 2016

[Non-fan Accounts] 161218 Yoochun at the training program for public service workers

Non-fan Accounts

Yuchun has participated in the regular training program for public service workers and some of the trainees from the same program left non-fan accounts. Those were found at DC Galleries.


The Posting & comment 👉
I hadn’t known who Park Yuchun was. I have come to know him when I went to my regular training as a public service worker. He (Yuchun) had told many funny stories and some episodes during his childhood. I have heard those beside him. Anyway, he have made a favorable impression on me.

Personally, I think Park Yuchun is such a great guy. Based on the episodes he has told, he was such a fine guy during childhood and now. His fans will be very happy when he finishes his public service term.

Comments by other people from the same training program (found at the comment section of the same posting) 👉

1) He was really handsome and I have come to know he has so many fans today.

2) He looked so young and people would believe he were a college student. I also got his sign.

2. At the other gallery

The Posting & comment 👉

He was just the same as the other trainees, nothing particularly different, doing as the other trainees did in the training program. He was diligent all along the program and very eager for participation. He narrated for public campaign and it was played at the gathering time. He received the excellence award for it. There was a long line for getting his sign on the last day.

Comment found at the comment section of the same posting 👉

Since Wednesday, many trainees just entered the room and got his sign.

Source: roserose0830
Translated by: Uttunfan via 6002sky

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