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[News trans] The defendant of false accusation, sentenced 2 years in prison #박유천_무혐의

TITLE : Even laughing while claiming sexually assaulted… ‘Park Yuchun’s accuser’ sentenced 2 years of prison terms

Posted at 2017.01.17 11:38 AM

The women who falsely accused Park Yuchun for sexual assault received the sentence of imprisonment from the court of first instance.

Judge Choi Jong Jin from the Seoul Central District Criminal Court 15 sentenced Defendant Lee to a 2 year prison term on the charges of false accusation and attempted extortion.

Hwang (34) from a mob organization and Lee, the other Defendant Lee’s boyfriend (33), both of who had tried to extort some settlement money from Park with the above case, were received the prison term of 2 years and 6 months and the prison term of 1 year and 6 month each.

Judge Choi pointed out that “regarding the following fact that the lock of the restroom where Defendant Lee had claimed sexually assaulted could be opened from the inside to outside, it was not understandable for her not to come out of the restroom or not to ask help from the people who were present outside.”

Subsequently, the Judge also point out that “it was identified Lee kept having fun and dancing with Park’s party after she came out from the restroom and she was also smiling and having conversation with the waiter after they left that place.”

Judge Choi found the defendant guilty acknowledging that “the above facts sufficiently have proved Lee’s claims as false.”

Judge Choi also explained “after Park had been accused of sexual crime, he had to suffer a serious economic loss as well as a critical damage to his image, and the damage to him even reached to the level that his future activities as an entertainer would became uncertain.”

Judge Choi subsequently said that “in spite of such fact, the defendants have tried nothing to recover the damages to the victim while they constantly have made unacceptable excuses. Therefore, a severe punishment should be imposed on them.”

Lee’s boyfriend conspired with Hwang demanded the settlement money from Park on the June 4th last year after he heard from Lee that “she was sexually assaulted by Park Yuchun.” It was revealed that they had blackmailed Park’s side until the 8th of the same month with saying that “they would release this case to the media,” and “they would report to the police to punish him.”

However, when the matters did not go to the direction they wanted, Lee filed the complaint to the police against Park for sexual assault on the 10th of the same month, and a few days later, she reversed her claim with saying that “that was not an enforced sexual relation.”

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Translated by : Uttun

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