Sunday, February 19, 2017

[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 170213 Hair stylist shares a photo from the time she was on the set of ‘Three Days’ with Yoochun

[PHOTO] 그럴때 있잖아. 분명히 내가 있었던 공간 나와함께 했던 사람들 내가 겪은 일 인데,시간이 지나면서 그곳에 내가 있었나 싶게 아득하게 느껴지고 그냥 꿈이었던 것만 같은거.. 어제 유튜브를 보는데 갑자기 추천 영상으로 쓰리데이즈 메이킹 필름이 떴다. 왜 그게 떴는지 모르겠지만 오랬만에 그시절에 일하는 영상속에 나를 보니 감회가 너무 새로운거야😶 맞아 2014년도 의 나는 저렇게 일하고 있었지. 하루에 세시간 이라도 잘수 있으면 행복하고 청담동까지 왕복 세네시간을 걸려 출퇴근을 해도 힘들지 않고 정말 재밌었는데.. 보구싶다 그시절 우리 태경팀도😢😶
다시 한번 높게 날아오를 수 있길💓
This was the time then. Specially what the people who were together with me and I have experienced in the space where I was, I want to be there as time has passed. It feels like it was far in the past and seems like it was just a dream.. I was watching YouTube yesterday and suddenly I came upon ‘Three Days’ making film as a recommended video. I don’t know why it came up but the memories from seeing me in the video working in those days long ago, I was filled with a feeling that’s so new😶 That’s right, the me of 2014 was working doing that. I was happy I got to sleep even if it was three hours per day. It wasn’t hard even making the commute that took three or four times traveling back and forth to Cheongdam-dong. And it was really fun.. I miss it. And our Tae-kyung team, too, in those days 😢😶
To be able to soar up high once more💓

Source: seon_love_6704
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

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