Monday, August 28, 2017

[TRANS - THE FACT JAPAN] The Possibility of Park Yoochun's Earlier Return to Public

Translation of THE FACT JAPAN article on August 28, 2017

The timing of Park Yoochun who was discharged from the 2 year military service is drawing attention of his fans. 

C-Jes Entertainment on August 27th showed cautious attitude toward Yoochun's comeback saying that "the timing of the resumption of his activities has not been decided. It is too early to say when." 
Fans, however, have been expressing voices to wish for early comeback, and the possibility of his earlier return to public performances than expected has started to be in sight.

It has become recently known that fans from the U.S., China, Taiwan, Chile, and other countries have submitted the petition to C-Jes Entertainment which calls for Yoochun's world tour, so it is expected that discussions be made on Yoochun's comeback first from overseas.

Kmedia have reported that "given Yoochun's high popularity in Asian countries it is likely that fan meeting style tours in Asia will be the stage he may resume his activities." Even though the timing cannot be specified due to his planned marriage and other factors, as Yoochun himself expresses his strong intention for comeback, speculations that it won't take too much time before his return have been expressed.

Yoochun was discharged from military service on August 25th after serving at Gangnam District Office for two years.


Pic credit: OSEN
Translations by: @jjnacchann

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