Sunday, March 11, 2018


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- our flower stands🌻❤️❤️🌻

- YC's handwritten message
"I missed you"

I wondered what if a day like this doesn't come, what do I do
- (2) I always wanted to do an event confidently, but it was more difficult than I thought. But, seeing everyone here, I am really touched.
This is not the last event(but its emotional), I will continue to work hard
- May onwards??? Tour??? REALLY???????

- 10 mins to start, venue is almost full! Fans keep coming in ^0^

- Hope to see a beautiful red ocean for today!

- 울지마요 😭😭😭😭
Chunnie was sobbing so much he couldn't even sing, we love you bb, thanks for coming back to us 😭

- Hello handsome 😀

- 3 fans presented their one special memory about Chun and there was one fan that mentioned Tohoshinki, and well, he happened to chose her as the winner
- 0mg winner got a Polaroid with Chun and he signed it 😭😭😭
Like that's all I wish for in life 😭😭😭
- Bb(Yuchun) cried again when he said goodbye :")

- When it was my turn to greet Yoochun I was holding my Mexican flag, I waited for Chun to look at me and I said in English "Thank you for coming back, I love you".
He bowed and replied "Thank you".

My life is complete now you guys 😭



- Yuchun cried when singing “Promise of Sunflower”😭😭😭

- 【I promise, to be healthy, I’ll try my best to keep fit!】🤣🤣🤣
- Yuchun performs the famous scenes of TV series “Missing You” — Snack Kissing.

【Tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cakes), Mua~ Sundae (rice sausage), Mua~ Carbonated Drink, Mua~】
- Opening talk【I slept 1 hour only last night & covered dark circles by making-up. I drank CN herbology which help release my pressure. But Istill cried when singing “Promise of Sunflower”.】
- Con‘t【I’ve prepared a lot, really... But I’m too nervous & have no idea on what should I say now. But, I really want to thank you guys again and again for waiting me as always.】
- 【I’ve composed two new songs. One of them is called “remember the memories”. I wrote this song when thinking of you (fans).】
- 【My heaviest weight is 76kg, but I reduced 6kg within 1 month. I did exercises and hv 1 diet only in 1 day. I went to Ramen Marutomi ytd, but I usually eat simple washoku only. I ate Nattō as well, without any source.】
- 【The best way to lose weight is running. I can only run 7km in the very beginning, but I can run 15km as well.】
- 【I want to act as Speed Racer...】
- Ending【I thought a lot 4 long time, but I still don’t know wt should I say to u. I can only say ‘thank u’ & ‘thank u’ again n again. If the day like today (sold-out crowd) will not come, I dun know wt should I do】
- Yuchun is now saying goodbye to fans outside the arena.😭😭😭
- Ending Talk【I want to hold / do a activity with confidence, but it’s harder than what I think. I will keep fighting and work hard, plz keep supporting me as always.】
- Yuchun sang “Walking in the Spring with Her..” which is JPN ver.
- Ending Talk【I hoped that I can active on TV shows (drama / variety show) again like before. I plan to start hall tour in May, and I’ll show a thinner ‘me’ in front of u guys.】
- Ending Talk【I’ll keep compose songs, to put all my efforts for a more wonderful tour. After that, I’ll work hard for active in Japan again in the future, sincerely thanks u guys to keep waiting me.】
- Ending Talk【There’re lots of things I can’t talk to u guys, until now. Tips?! Nooo... Let those things be secrets. From now on, I won’t do things expect working and working.】
- Ending Talk【I want to spend my second life with u, my fans. I promise that. Let’s spend our time together.】
- It’s the last minute that Yuchun is on the stage & he’s saying goodbye to us. My dearest Yuchun, thx for coming back again, all the ‘waiting’ is worthy now. The sunflowers, red glow sticks, you and me, means the whole world of us.
- I have to say that the “REAL” Yuchun is thin and his face is small.😍😍😍 Also, it’s cold today but Yuchun is standing outside the arena, outside the exit with his thin clothes, to say goodbye to fans.😭😭😭



- Deabak!! He is greeting all fans
- OMG!! It’s my turn soon!!!
I’m so excited and nervous
- I’m screaming ~~~😅😅😅😭😭😭
I was able to make an eye contact with Yuchun!! I told him I’m from CA. And I’ll be with him always. Fighting!
Then he looked at me !!!
- Look at Yuchun!!! He is so beautiful 😍


- Endless just cant see the end of the line! I'm so gloating at the antis and haters right now!

- Omg hes crying like crazy but looks so handsome..
- CONCERTTTTTTTTTTTSSSS kicking off in May! will hv more songs.. Start packing your bags Chunsas! More activities in Japan..👏👏👏👏👏👏🤗🤗🤗🤗
- He cried the moment he saw us and at the end tears of joy! Now we are waiting to hv a quick meet with him! Gonna see him super close up!
- slept only an hr last night coz he was so nervous..
- After the new song he announced future plans and the whole hall screamed..

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