Thursday, September 29, 2016

[NEWS] 160928 Sports Chosun Exclusive: “Park Yuchun not edited out” ‘Lucid Dream’ confirm opening for January 2017

‘Lucid Dream’ (Director: Kim Jun-seong, Production: Road Pictures) –the fantasy-thriller movie to which its release was indefinitely postponed with ‘Park Yuchun’s scandal’– decided on a release date of January 4th next year at the end of the long wait.
Recently [a] ‘Lucid Dream”s production crew [member] said via Sports Chosun, “There was a final decision that ‘Lucid Dream’, which was expected for a fall release this year, will be in the line-up of January next year”.
This production crew [member] explained, “Back when Park Yuchun faced a lawsuit on the suspicion of sexual assault the past June, ‘Lucid Dream’ production company and NEW had discussed a lot about setting the timing of its release. We were prepared for a fall release but were at a loss at the case that surfaced suddenly.
In particular, it is a non-editable situation where Park Yuchun is playing a hidden character who helps Go Soo[‘s character], the protagonist, in the film; and the production crew and NEW had to adjust for a release date, following to the direction arranged by his scandal case. Seeing such a timing, they decided on a release date of January 4, 2017”.
‘Lucid Dream’ –Park Yuchun’s last work before enlisting– placed its name in this year’s fall line-up after entering in its first shooting in April last year, having its crank-up in June that year, and going through post-production for 1 year.
After ordering the hit ‘Descendants of the Sun’, a KBS2 drama in the first half of the year, investor & distributor NEW gathered anticipations as much as in their fall line-up and in many ways.
However in June a situation, to which Park Yuchun’s case unraveled and indefinitely postponed the release date, happened. Internally, opinions saying ‘edit the amount of Park Yuchun to the maximum and let’s open’ were considerable but this also made for a tough situation. They were limited by an amount that can edit the movie’s storyline.
After being stuck in a predicament in many ways and having indefinitely postponed its fall release once, ‘Lucid Dream’ had to watch the flow of timing.
Meanwhile, because Park Yuchun got cleared of suspicions completely, ‘Lucid Dream’ was confirmed for a release date of January 4th next year after there was discussion over the timing of its release again. It is expected that the amount of Park Yuchun is included, unedited and intact.
On the other hand, ‘Lucid Dream’ is a fantasy-thriller that portrays a desperate struggle where a man, who lost his son 3 years prior, moves in and out between dreaming and reality while discovering clues through lucid dream[ing]. It stars Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu, Kang Hye-jung, Park In-hwan, Chun Ho-jin, and Park Yuchun; and is Director Kim Jun-seong’s the first commercial movie and debut work. It will be released on January 4, 2017.
Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

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