Thursday, October 13, 2016

[INFO] The petitions with fans' signatures have been submitted

This is a brief report about the petition process to the Korean Judicial Authorities. A total of 4,438 signatures were received for the petitions within only two days. The first petition was submitted to the Korean Court on the 12th of September in order to appeal to inflict heavy punishment on the 1st accuser and her accomplices with 3,696 signatures. The second petition was submitted to the Korean Prosecutors’ Office in order to the appeal to inflict heavy punishment on the 2nd to 4th accusers with 4,438 signatures on the 19th of September. The difference between the numbers of signatures attached to the 1st and 2nd petitions was because there had not been enough time to arrange all the received signatures in an appropriate format for the 1st one. 

Considering all the media slandering related to this case, the contents of those petitions were requested to be closed off. Thus, it would be better to only mention the major points of the petitions, which are the explanation of some incomprehensible behaviours of the accusers (including blackmail, lies, and abuse of media), the degree of damages caused to Yuchun, the request for a fair investigation, and the appeal to inflict heavy punishment on them. As previously explained, the signatures will be used three times. So, depending on the process of the investigation or the trial, the signatures may be used one more time for another petition. 

Thank you so much to all the participants and we really appreciate for your support. Let’s wish a good result.

Source: DCPYC via 6002SKY

★ The petition calling for the protection of Yuchun’s Human rights from over 110,000 overseas fans was also attached to the petitions to Korean Judicial Authorities.

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