Thursday, October 13, 2016

[SUPPORT] Help Korean Fans Cleanse Search Words

For the past a few weeks, Korean fans have been trying to cleanse search words at Naver. More specifically, those are related search words which are the words automatically given when we search 박유천. We think that international Chunsas can give a little help, Korean fans would greatly appreciate it. To join is very simple: Just click the links several times, as much as you like/can ^^, but you need at least one hour interval to repeat the same in order for the clicks to be counted. 

Below is the list of search words, which can be changed from time to time. It's a good idea to click when you see Korean fans tweet the links. 박유천 Park Yuchun 박유천 3개국어 Park Yuchun Trilingual 박유천 9관왕 Park Yuchun 9 awards 박유천 그랜드슬램 Park Yuchun Grand Slam 박유천 한류파워 Park Yuchun Hallyu Power 박유천 천재설 Park Yuchun Genius 박유천 아날로그감성 Park Yuchun Analog Sensitivity 박유천 꽃미소 Park Yuchun Flower Smile 박유천 드라마 Park Yuchun Drama 박유천 스펀지 Park Yuchun Sponge 박유천 무혐의 Park Yuchun Innocent 박유천 냄보소 Park Yuchun THWSS 박유천 갤러리 Park Yuchun Gallery 박유천 러브 Park Yuchun Love 박유천 동경THE박유천 Park Yuchun DongkyungTHEParkYuchun 박유천 대사천재 Park Yuchun Genius of Lines (of scripts) 박유천 팬응원 Park Yuchun Fan Support 박유천 자작곡 Park Yuchun Songs made by himself 박유천 블레싱유천 Park Yuchun Blessing Yuchun 박유천 벚꽃길 Park Yuchun Cherry Blossom Road

Again, thank you all for joining! And thank you, Korean fans, for the tireless efforts!

credit: 6002SKY

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