Tuesday, November 29, 2016

[NEWS] 161128 Exclusive: Sol Kyung-gu X Go Soo ‘Lucid Dream’ opening change, ”Won’t be shown in January”

The opening date for movie ‘Lucid Dream’ starring Sol Kyung-gu X Go Soo has changed once again.
According to the film industry on the 28th, ‘Lucid Dream(by Director Kim Jun-seong)’ –which has confirmed an opening date of January 4th next year– is under discussion once again on the timing of its opening presently.
Related to this, a representative told Ilgan Sports: “‘Lucid Dream”s January opening seems unlikely in actuality. It is under reconsideration for an opening in the first half of the year,” and, “At present, March has the most potential and at latest, will be no later than April”.
According to representatives who are well-informed in the movie, ‘Lucid Dream’ has been opened to the possibility of change internally even after they had officially announced the opening of January 4th.
NEW –who is distributing ‘Lucid Dream’– had forgone Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Yoo-jung’s ‘Because I Love You”s November opening; and were under discussion on a January opening for it, along with ‘Lucid Dream’ and ‘The King’. It is rumored they ordered an opening in early January for ‘Because I Love You’, after serious consideration on placing the three works; and that they decided on coordinating ‘Lucid Dream”s opening once again.
Following this ‘Because I Love You’ is slated to open in early January and ‘The King’ on January 18th, if it were not for the unexpected change. ‘Lucid Dream’ is expected to be able to be seen in theaters come March~April.
‘Lucid Dream’ is a work depicting the story about how a father whose son was kidnapped begins to search for clues of the criminal, by receiving an assistant’s help in his dreams.
Sol Kyung-gu and Go Soo puts on impassioned performances undertaking the lead roles and Park Yuchun will be making an appearance in ‘Lucid Dream’ just as intended.
Source: IS Plus

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3

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