Thursday, November 3, 2016

Storytellers: 30 Films From Across the Globe. World Movies Australia Channel to be aired Haemoo(Sea Fog) on November 4.

Storytellers: 30 Films From Across the Globe.

Every Night in NOVEMBER 8:30pm
13 Australian Television Premieres.

It is a humbling thought that every person, right around the world is living a life just as complex and vivid as your own. There are an unimaginable number of stories to be told and we believe film is the most powerful medium for storytellers to bring their diverse and amazing perspectives to life, whether they be fiction, or drawn from real life.
Throughout November, World Movies is taking you on a journey around the globe, stopping in a different country each night at 8.30pm, so you can experience a human story told through a unique cultural lens.
Starting in the Asia Pacific, passing through the Middle East, sweeping across Europe and Africa, and finally stopping in the Americas, World Movies will jump from country to country, bringing you a diverse, inspiring, often heart-wrenching lineup of films from across the globe.
Haemoo (Sea Fog) (2014, South Korea) **Australian Television Premiere**

Friday, 4 November 8.30pm

Source: WorldMoviesAU

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