Friday, March 17, 2017

170314 Another Woman Filing the Report against Park Yuchun and Having Interviews was Indicted

(Seoul=Yonhapnews Lee Bo Bae reporter)

On the 14th, Investigative Division on Women and Children at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office (Chief Prosecutor Lee Jung Hyun) made it public that they indicted Song (24, female) on charges of falsely filing a complaint against Singer Actor Park Yuchun (31) for sexual assault and giving false statements to the media (the charges of False Accusation and others) without detention.

According to Prosecutors’ Office, Song consensually had a sexual relation with Park in the entertainment place where she worked in Dec 2015. Song claimed that Park just left the place afterwards although he had asked her contact information and had told her to give his musical equipment before they had a relation.

Moreover, it was investigated that she complained about this to Jung, one of her acquaintances, but she was rather blamed for it (by Jung) so that she came to have ill feelings against Park.

Prosecutors’ Office judged that she decided to file a false complaint herself when she saw the media report that another woman received a large amount of settlement money from Park and his agency by filing the complaint against him for sexual assault last June.

Hence, Song filed a report asking “to punish Park who had sexually assaulted me while locking me in the restroom of the entertainment place” to Gangnam Police Office.

Song was also charged of having a broadcasted interview with false content (defamation by publications) after she was proposed by Jung “to be interviewed with a reporter.”

According to Prosecutors’ Office, Song met a reporter the day before she filed a complaint and was interviewed with false content that “Park took her to the restroom for talking, but he started to assault her. She told him to go outside with her, but he took the door handle and kept her from getting out.” This interview was reported the day after.

In the same month, she was also interviewed by a PD from a broadcasting system.

Prosecutors’ office concluded that those interviews were false and brought Song to the trial.

Previously, last January, Lee (25, female) who had been imprisoned and indicted on the charge of False Accusation for sexual assault against Park (the charges of False Accusation and Attempted Extortion) was sentenced for two years of imprisonment in the court.

Source: Naver
Trans by: Uttunfan via 6002SKY
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