Friday, March 17, 2017

C-JeS' Official Statement on the Investigation Result of Park Yuchun’s Case


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On March 13th 2017, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office cleared Park Yuchun of the suspicion of all four cases related to sexual assault allegations filed against him.

Particularly, Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office ruled Park Yuchun innocent of the allegation of prostitution charged by and transferred from Gangnam Police Office related to the second case filed against him on the basis of absolutely no foundation while it indicted the second accuser on the charge of False Accusation without detention to Seoul Central District Court on the same day. On the other hand, Central District Court found the first accuser and her accomplices, who had been indicted with the status kept in custody, guilty of the charges for False Accusation and Attempted Extortion and sentenced two years in prison for her on January 17th 2017. For the third and fourth cases, the investigation for False Accusation was not processed due to the missing status of the accusers.

Therefore, it was finalized that Park Yuchun was found innocent for all the related cases which have carried on since June last year.

Regardless of the reason, Park Yuchun, as a person who has been greatly loved, sincerely apologizes for causing a social controversy and not having moral responsibility.

He also conveys his deep gratitude to all of his fans in Korea and overseas who have kept their eyes on the investigation results and supported him. Park Yuchun will take this case as a chance to look back his life as a public figure and reflect on himself.

Source: C-JeS
Trans by: Uttunfan via 6002SKY
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