Thursday, February 11, 2016

[KOREAN CINEMA TODAY] Hottest Upcoming Korean Films: 'Lucid Dream/루시드 드림'

Lucid Dream 루시드 드림
KIM Jun-seong 
KO Soo, SUL Kyung-gu,
GANG Hye-jung, Park Yoo-chun
the first half, 2016
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A fight of life and death begins, going back and forth between dream and reality. The project is already noteworthy with the cast alone: KO Soo, SUL Kyunggu, GANG Hye-jung, and PARK Yoochun. This film is a fantasy thriller about lucid dream, The main character is Dae-ho (KO Soo) who lost his son three years ago. Struggling to find his lost son, he encounters the lucid dream phenomenon. Bang-sup (SUL Kyunggu), an elite policeman, and So-hyun (GANG Hye-jung), a friend of Dae-ho and a psychiatrist, are the two that help him. And as a mysterious man (PARK Yoochun) goes around Dae-ho, the case goes deeper into a mystery. Lucid Dream is a feature film debut of KIM Jun-seong, whose shorts have received an attention. With an original subject, lucid dream, combined with the mystery story structure, it has long been the center of the film industry’s attention. In addition, the tense acting competition between the three major actors-KO, SUL and PARK-is stimulating the audience’s curiosity. [by HA Sung-tae]

Source: Korea Cinema Today via Park Sung Woong

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