Friday, August 5, 2016

Accuser imprisoned for ‘false allegation of Park Yuchun sexual assault’…”destruction of evidence & flight risk”

Seoul Gangnam Police Station disclosed arrest warrants got issued in court; in requesting for the charges of false allegations and attempted blackmail toward Ms. A –the woman who first accused Hallyu star Park Yuchun with the charge of sexual assault– and for the charge of attempted blackmail by Ms. A’s male cousin.
Judge Jo Eui-yeon of Seoul Central District Court –who handled the interrogation of the suspects before their imprisonments– explained the reason for the issue of the warrants, “There is the fear of the destruction of evidence or of them escaping, to when they are summoned for the truths of their criminal conducts”.
Toward Ms. A’s boyfriend who received the charge of attempted blackmail together with her, the judge said, “It is difficult to accept the need and the grounds for his detention, when viewing in the light of the progress of the investigation and such up to now,” and overturned it.
It is policy the police wrap up the case sooner or later enough to determine on whether their [Ms. A’s and her cousin Mr. Hwang’s] imprisonments or not, and forward the case to the prosecution in the middle of next week.
[VIDEO] 160805 Park Yuchun sexual assault ‘False allegations & attempted blackmail’ First female accuser imprisoned

[T/N: Translation for the video is the same as above, except the article has a little more details.
Sources: SBS News + Yonhap News
Video Credit: 연합뉴스 TV
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3

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