Friday, August 12, 2016

[INFO] Second Accuser (B) found GUILTY of FALSE ACCUSATION by the Police

The police has intended to apply false charge to second woman who filed report against Park Yuchun with the point that the contents of her written complaint was false. 
(Source: SBS News July 11, 2016)

The suspicion of making a complaint based on the falsehood by the second woman who filed report against Park Yuchun was acknowledged so that she was sent to the prosecution office with the opinion of being indicted for false accusation last month.
(Source: Yonhap News Aug 8, 2016)

☆ FYI: In Korea, the police gives its opinions on the suspects such as not guilty or being indicted (a.k.a. found guilty by the police) to the prosecution office. The prosecution office then has the sole right to indict or finalize the investigation. So, every criminal case is sent to the prosecution office.


P/S: We can see that the police found B guilty of false accusation quite early. We can now confirm that the police has sent B to prosecution office and the prosecutors are working on her case (but still the final indict depends on the prosecution office).

Translations by: 6002sky

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