Thursday, August 4, 2016

Police “Request arrest warrant for 3 people, including Park Yuchun’s accuser Ms. A..Did serious crime”

The police requested arrest warrants for the gang of 3 people –who includes Ms. A who first accused singer and actor Park Yuchun of sexual assault charges– with false allegations and attempted blackmail.
Seoul Gangnam Police Station’s side said to OSEN on the 4th, “We requested arrest warrants to book Ms. A who first accused Park Yuchun, her boyfriend, and her male cousin with charges of false allegations and attempted blackmail,” and, “We made the request for arrest warrants because of the decision that the crime was serious and not minor”.
Continuing, he added, “We should have decided in the usual afternoon whether to imprison them or not”.
Park Yuchun was accused of sexually assaulting Ms. A from June 13th. Following, it subjected an investigation when 3 additional women accused Park Yuchun of sexually assault charges and Park Yuchun was subjected an investigation to make an appearance to the police on June 30th. On July 15th the police did not bring sexual assault charges toward Park Yuchun but forwarded their indictment suggestion to the prosecution for charges of prostitution and fraud.
Park Yuchun’s side has accused the first complainant Ms. A with charges of false allegations and blackmail in return on this.
Source: OSEN
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3

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