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‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ Webtoon, ‘Isn’t it great’ to come out from the monitor

2016. 08. 13. [MBN STAR Yu Ji Hoon reporter]

Word balloons become the dialogues of the characters and their movements that only exist in our imagination become reality. The successful dramatization • cinematization of ‘Princess Hours’ ‘Full House’ ‘Tazza’ ‘Le Grand Chef’ and others has confirmed how developed the Korean cartoons are and how attractively they could approach the majority of public as well as the cartoon readers.

The cartoon which has moved to web and mobile market has become the darling of the public by the name of ‘webtoon.’ Now, webtoon is rather more familiar to us than cartoon. And, several popular webtoons have been actualized and met the viewers like cartoons drawn in paper in the past. During the first half of this year, three works were dramatized and loved by the viewers. The webtoons and the dramas has become inseparable now.

☆ Review on the previous dramas based on Webtoon. Translated only related to ‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’

‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ broadcasted at SBS from April 2015 is a drama based on the original work by Webtoon artist Manchie. This drama presents the story of Choi Mu Gak (played by Park Yuchun), the man with no sense who had lost his sister from a barcode murder case three years ago and Oh Cho Rim (played by Shin Se Kyung) possessing hyper sense who had miraculously survived the same accident, but lost all the past memories.

‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ is a drama which maximize the fantasy-like situation to perceive smells by eyes. The main storyline of this drama was that Shin Se Kyung was solving the cases with Park Yuchun. The premise ‘to see smells’ is the point to bring about both of the concerns and expectations. But, there was no repulsion against it. The computer graphics was spontaneously melted into this drama of a overall warm tone and the great performances by the actors made it shine more.

‘The Girl Who Sees Smells’ had kept the rank no.1 among the Wed/Thurs dramas throughout its time of airing. This drama has been appreciated as the one that made a landmark in the romantic comedy based on the original works of Webtoon. The sweet romance between Park Yuchun – Shin Se Kyung and Namgoong Min’s acting as a psychopathic serial killer would bring a smile to the viewers who had loved this drama.

Sources: MBN STAR via Naver
Trans by: uttunfan via 6002sky

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