Sunday, July 10, 2016

160708~09 Cinemart Shinsaibashi to have roadshow for “Miracles of the Piano”

Returned from Yokohama but wanting to return back right away, I am Staff T.. From tomorrow on the sales of tickets in advance for 3 films will commence. Was asked from various places which rank will sell? and am getting excited. Everyone is your preparations to buy the tickets in advance at Cinemart Shinsaibashi okaa~y? \(//∇//)\
(T/N: in JYJ concert in Japan Yoochun says “are your preparations to have fun okaaay”, i believe the last sentence references to that) 

Note: Programmer of Cinemart Shinjuku and Shinsaibashi

Yucho-fan san please kindly take care of me. Now for sure… To have that power concentrated… (Praying) to have it become a Hit. (Yucho-fan is correct right?) If returning from Yokohama, Osaka is till Shinsaibashi. Those who didn’t go till Shinsaibashi. Other side of the clear file it is clearly photographed. (Thought is small)
(T/N: Japanese Yoochun fans refer themselves as Yucho-fan) 
Source: Cinemart_Osaka + @Shihainin_Eiga
Translated by: xiahjunjjyu of XIAOVERFLOWER

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