Friday, July 8, 2016

Charges against Park Yuchun? Police “In middle of investigating still” Agency “Waiting on investigation results” (Comprehensive)

The police and the agency of singer and actor Park Yuchun –who’s being accused on the suspicions of sexual assault– disclosed their stances, about the news reports on his exoneration.
A female department head from Seoul Gangnam Police Station said to on the evening of July 7: “The Park Yuchun case is still ongoing in its investigation. We have not determined about the charges or not”.
Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment side conveyed, “We are waiting on the police’s investigation results. We will disclose our stance after the announcement of the police’s official investigation results”.
In the evening on this day prior, SBS had reported that the police will be acquitting Park Yuchun of the allegations by 4 women. According to the media, Ms. A –who retracted having made accusations against Park Yuchun the first time–, her boyfriend, and her male cousin were found to have tried to receive 100 million KRW via intimidation of Park Yuchun, and the police is planning on requesting arrest warrants for the 3 people, including Ms. A, under the suspicions of blackmail.
However the Gangnam Police Station is in the middle of investigating Park Yuchun’s case, and disclosed the heavy responsibility of investigating currently, too, with: “We have not decided on the charges or not”.
Source: DongA
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3

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