Friday, July 15, 2016

Park Yoo-chun has not committed fraud, solicitation of prostitution: C-Jes

While the Prosecutors’ Office is likely to indict singer-actor Park Yoo-chun for solicitation of prostitution and fraud, based on a report from police investigations, his agency, C-Jes Entertainment, said on Friday that the police findings are false. 

“The findings from the police are far from the truth,” the statement read. “C-Jes Entertainment would like to make it clear that Park has never been involved in prostitution. We will fully cooperate with the prosecutors to prove that Park is free from any charges.” 

The statement added that the string of news articles covering Park‘s story are ”groundless“ and that the news organizations responsible for the articles might face defamation charges. 

The statement came after the Gangnam-gu district Police Office said in a press briefing Friday morning that Park was found to have promised one of his accusers money in return for sex. Even though no money changed hands, the promise of financial compensation for sex constitutes prostitution. Failure to give the promised payment constitutes fraud.

Park denies the charges.

The Police did not reveal further details concerning the evidence, citing the need to protect the accuser’s identity. The case involving Park was forwarded to the Prosecutor‘s Office Friday morning. 


Park Yuchun’s side “Prostitution charges are not clarifying on prosecution investigation”[Official Stance]

Actor Park Yuchun is denying the validity of prostitution charges.
Park Yuchun’s agency C-JeS Entertainment side disclosed their official stance: “The prostitution charges are not true”.
C-JeS side said, “First, we would like to communicate our deepest apologies to everyone in regards to the criminal case of Park Yuchun, a singer and actor belonging to C-JeS,” and, “As confirmed in Gangnam Police Station’s official announcement, we would like to clearly let the fact of Park Yuchun’s acquittal be known that the suspicions of sexual assault brought up during this time toward him are all entirely baseless”.
Continuing they conveyed, “In addition, although there is the course of action where the police side has proffered prostitution charges on Park Yuchun, we cannot accept this portion in no way since it is completely a different thing than the truth. We have to clearly state once again there is absolutely no truth in Park Yuchun having committed a prostitution act. For this portion, we will be appealing for the explicit truth and difference while cooperating as much as possible in the prosecution investigation in the future”.
Also they added, “Due to the various articles and tabloids based on unconfirmed false facts all the while, the nature of the investigation got distorted in most parts and we are expressing our deep regrets toward everybody of this nation due to this. Our company are responding to the false allegations after the complainants had made false accusations and are planning on taking strong legal actions, with a libel suit and such, later on. In addition we will be strongly responding with a criminal prosecution of defamation and an action for a damage suit from henceforth about anything reported to sensationalize without the process of verifying one-sided opinions of the opposite party and broadcasts thoughtlessly reporting as if the false information that lacked confirmation are really factual”.
Furthermore they finished their address with, “Park Yuchun is deeply apologetic once again to have been implicated in a shameful thing in the middle of his public service term and will be self-reflecting for the remaining time of his term ahead. However our company would like to have the facts set straight, through legal actions, about our company and the human rights and honor of our affiliated entertainer getting damaged, on the grounds that there has been unconfirmed informations reported despite the investigation is ongoing”.

Source: OSEN
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3

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