Sunday, July 10, 2016

[EDITORIAL] Park Yoo-Chun Fans Stand Up And Speak Out

Fans prove loyalty without boundaries as they join forces worldwide and continue to vow unwavering support

[Please Note: This is not an attack on Korean Media and obviously not directed at all media outlets. The one that prompted response that resulted in publishing this article is in the US]
The following is based on the collective voice of Park Yoo-Chun Fans; The real ones who will endure until it’s over
While the investigation into the accusations against actor-singer Park Yoo-Chun takes more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, tabloid-like media coverage laced with personal insight and insinuating sensationalism continues to spin out of control.
Police reports have been routinely released to the press sending media outlets scrambling to relay the information to the public. The indulgent majority are guilty of putting their own spin on the reports assuming they can insinuate anything as long as they insert “alleged” before their slanderous choice of words. More than just a few don’t even bother to do that. Non-celibate pop stars are a reality. But it does not mean they are rapists or have a dark side.
Using the “lay it out on the table” approach by stating “this is what we know”, which a few have done, can only accurately relay what the police reveal in an official statement to the press which means everyone already knows what they said. Quoting other media without checking the original source for facts, is just plain irresponsible. It would be better to say “this is what we don’t know”, then there would be plenty to write about without quoting each other.
Saying Park Yoo-chun no longer has any supporters is one of the most insidious tactics being used in this ongoing bloodlusting media frenzy in addition to all the other degrading and suggestive comments. The fan group getting all the coverage for blindly denouncing Park as soon as the accusations were launched, do not represent an entire fan network which far outnumbers those. The voice getting the attention was insignificant compared to his worldwide support. Breaking camp at the first sign of trouble, was not genuine fan support in the first place.
*Scroll to the bottom of the page to see input from fans who “allegedly” do not exist
[They are also JYJ fans and one of its members is under attack by being accused of a crime with which he has not been charged but still being tried by those who prefer to act on their own free will outside the facts. They vow to continue showing support without letup.]

Another platform is the disparaging internet buzz by marathon internet users. The “sticks and stones” idiomatic expression may be true most everywhere else, but not in South Korea where cyber-bullying by means of hostile language from so-called netizens is rampant. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a netizen as a person who actively uses the Internet especially in a proper and responsible way. However, the South Korean version of netizens does not fall under that definition. Many use the internet to broadcast their views on everything from condemning someone because of a facial expression caught on camera to criticizing how they look without makeup. It becomes libel when they begin to circulate false rumors which result in damage to the character and career of their target. Tabloid-type media empowers them by frequently quoting their nonsense on their websites and posting what they say on social media giving the impression they view netizens as a reliable source of information. It is not a harmless pastime when many believe what they say because of being posted on a well-known website.
Actor Lee Min-Ho’s agency recently took action against “netizens” for spreading false rumors about the star promising they would get the punishment they deserve.
C-JeS Entertainment has also stated it will take action against all who have made slanderous comments against Park Yoo-Chun. This would also include media sites on the internet who cross the fine line between freedom of the press and malicious slander.
The media storm is leaving many so confused they don’t know what to believe. But this amazing support system of fans around the world are proving they are no joke. They are a powerful organization that will not be blindsided or influenced by careless words, nor will they compromise their belief in Park Yoo-Chun. They view the judgemental actions by certain media as well as the meting out of punishment by others while he is still presumed innocent as reckless disregard and infringement upon Park’s human rights which has prompted them to take measures to address the issue on his behalf.
As for Park Yoo-Chun not being able to work again even if acquitted, that remains to be seen. He is regarded as an international A-list star with a fan network which spans the globe meaning his popularity is not confined to South Korea.
Editor’s Note: As a result of the initial editorial which was posted on The Asian Entertainer, I have had the opportunity to interact with many supportive YC fans from all over the world. Getting to know them as individuals has been an enjoyable experience. Their main concern at present is the storm of negativity spreading throughout the media and internet users even though no charges have been filed to date.
(Below are messages submitted by fans who wish to convey their support to Yuchun)
Dear Yuchun
There are a lot of fans waiting for you all over the world. We believe you and we’ll never stop supporting you.
This may be the hardest time ever for you but we hope you to be strong.
There wasn’t any easy moment for the last 12 years. But you always have overcome it.
And we have always been amazed by you. We always got energy from you.

Now it’s our turn to give you energy.
We are always here and we wait for you with all our hearts. Everything has the end . Life is long. This, too, shall pass away.

We never regret being fan of you. We are so proud to be your fan.
Please take care of yourself and never get discouraged.
We love you Yuchun.
From fan who always have been encouraged by you..

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