Monday, July 18, 2016

[PROJECT] Park Yoochun Fan Support Project by Filipino Fans

"Yesterday, July 17 Us, JYJ Lovers in the Philippines together with the very faithful family members of our JYJ community had the Park Yoochun Photo support project at Rizal Park, Luneta.

JYJ Lovers in the Philippines will ALWAYS stand by you Park Yoochun. We will be with you all throughout this struggle. We will continue to pray that all these issues thrown at you will be settled soon. And no matter what happens, we will stand by you and love you like we always do. We pray that you and your family are holding on to your faith that everything will be alright in the end. We are here, your family in the Philippines. We love you and will keep on supporting you. You gave us inspiration now we want to be your inspiration, your strength and your shield.

We want to give our big thank you to all the fans who joined us yesterday despite the hot weather. We proved that we really are his FAMILY in the Philippines." - JYJ Lovers in the Philippines -

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