Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fatal in blow to a celebrity…"False accusation is a serious crime" – Yuchun mentioned

[News report beginning about Lee Jin-wook’s scandal]
Park Yuchun-ssi also was exonerated of sexual assault but his sensitive, untouched private life was exposed.
<Recording> Park Yuchun’s agency official : “Besides the calumny, we will be proceeding with a defamation and damage claim suit after the prosecution’s investigation is complete.”
Celebrities are approached to be sought out for a point like such because it is fatal in the case a scandal in regards to his sex life is exposed.
They are even being demanded of a large sum of settlement money while getting threatened with a secret filming of his sex life and it going public to the media.
The action of a false accusation like this is a grave crime that abuses the judicial system and drives a person into ruin.
Source: KBS News
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3

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