Saturday, July 16, 2016

C-JeS Notice: C-JeS’ official stance in regards to Park Yuchun’s case


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Hi this is Cjes entertainment.

We’d like to first apologize about our singer/actor Park Yuchun’s criminal cases.

As the Gangnam Police Office has confirmed, all the sexual assault allegations against him are absolutely groundless and he is innocent.

Although the GPO has decided to send one of these cases to the prosecutor’s office as the crime of prostitution, we cannot accept this decision because it is not true. We state this fact clearly: Park Yuchun has never done any such thing as buying sex for money. We will cooperate with the prosecutor’s investigation and will give clear evidences that the allegation is absolutely not true.

It is unfortunate that many news articles and stories with unverified, unfounded, false information have distorted police investigation to date, which resulted in confusing the public. Cjes has responded to the accusers by filing false accusation suits and also plans strong legal actions including defamation suits against them. In addition, we plan to file defamation suits (criminal and civil) against broadcast programs that irresponsibly aired unverified, false information as if it is factual, and news articles that reported sensational, one-sided stories by women without verification.

Again Park Yuchun apologizes for getting involved in these incidents during public service period and will take time for self-reflection. However, we will make sure to make things right by taking legal actions against those false reports that defamed and violated Cjes and our artist’s reputation and human rights during the period of police investigation.

We deeply apologize to the fans who always show love and support, and will do our best to make sure that such thing never happens again and that things will get better.

Translated by: ifancythe6002

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